Feel deeply

How deep do you feel about your learning in particular and about your language learning in particular? More It’s tranquility inside yourself, more it’s deeply the feeling. It’s a profound feeling in the interior of each one, who integrate into every emotional muscle like the water go deeply into the soil. The same with your language learning. If you enter in an intensive time of learning for a purpose, you will have this feeling, maybe not, it’s so I am. It’s a tranquillity feeling inside you, who make you understand that everything you do is not a matter of the outside, but it’s come from inside. The more you clever yourself,  the more you clean every interior burden, the better you will feel, the more satisfaction you will feel, even with nothing at all, or with a very little thing, apparently nonsense, but you will still feel happy or joyful with this. That means clever your motivation. Stop, and be with every single thought inside yourself, and think, feel about it in order to see how do you feel if you do something because of the outside or the inside of yourself? it’s from you or from other? it’s what you want or just for show off, for flatter your ego, etc It’s not a matter of the outside, it’s an inside thing!


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