About writing

Many books give advice about how to write. Every exam has his rule about writing. Every type of text demands a way to write, a structure. But how about writing while everyone just tries to put on the paper their thinking, feeling inside without wondering so much about form, structure, words, … In the beginning of course in order to formulate in a natural and fluently way whatever they have in their head. After that, everything will go smoothly by the way they are for perfect the writing: find the precise word, respect the structure of argument, build the correct and standard form, use the good collocation, get some corrections, …

At the same time, increasing “language input” by massive listening, intensive reading is indispensable.  These “inputs” will help us to build up the vocabulary, the structure, everything we need for putting out our idea in a correct form. The ability to recall everything we need to write it down is not natural, it takes exercise, training, a lot of practice.

Another point, it’s regular. We have to write every day. The daily work, even a little, is very important to have a writing skill. Personally, whatever I don’t write or forget to do it one or some days when I try to catch up, I feel more difficult to write things down, less natural to recall words. The feeling is like trying to “recall” an old friend which is farther and farther if I don’t get in touch with him every single day. It’s a lot of work. But we’ll don’t feel that way if we enjoy the journey, or we love writing, or we don’t take it like an obligation but a pleasure thing. Frankly, who can oblige us to write if we don’t want to? Every job has to be done from an inside motivation for a long-term result.

The last point is to write about various subjects. But it will be talked later in the other text.


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