A corner for my learning language’s time

Sometimes, I feel a little upset without really knowing the reason. Every time like that, if I think of my learning language’s project and I feel a lot better. It’s quite strange but it’s like that. So, I decided today to start this blog “For learning language” in which I could find a little corner for myself, and also share some useful resources that I use for my learning. And I’m very happy to start the first post tonight, opening a new state of my journey for languages.

Today, I’m so excited to know about Kato’ Lomb, a famous Hungarian polyglot. She was able to use 16 languages, between them, she could translate fluently 9 or 10, even without any preparation. To be able to use a lot of languages, it’s not so rare nowaday, but in her time, and mostly to have the ability to maintain at a high level all these languages, it’s so “crazy”! So I decide to read one of her books, titled: “Polyglot, how I learn languages” that I found the pdf version in her page on Wikipedia.

Hoping a pleasure time for the lecture!



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