Some words from IELTS

This time, I’m trying to prepare my IELTS’s exam. It’s not easy for me because the listening test demand catches up very detail things, not ideas. Generally speaking, in my opinion, listening is essential for getting main ideas, speaker’s point of view. I was surprised about the fact that all listening exam is about getting some precise words from the text, not about ideas or speaker’s attitude at all. In this point, I prefer TOEFL which seems to ask for synthetic ability. I can’t discuss other parts of the IELTS exam, like reading, writing, speaking in regards of TOEFL’s exam because I never go through none of them.

The revision time for this exam has made me think about a lot of things in my current life. Firstly, I didn’t work hard for an exam for a long time. Secondly, the topics of this exam cover many themes of life, so the candidate has to learn lots of things. After that, this time of learning makes me question about my education that I will give to my little daughter. Which highlight we will give her like education? How do we design her like when she still stay with us? What can we offer her to learn? It’s a big question. A child doesn’t have the limit. He like a page of paper all white, no any trace. It’s a big responsibility to put something on that. We’ll have to think about all that seriously!

We’ll have to think about all that seriously! Anyway, today is a weekend. It’s time to take a rest and relax. I listened tonight the song “Make you feel my love” by Adele which is a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

I’m not really interested in the world of music but I was marked before, long time ago, by a documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse because it’s a special talent and a tragic life too. It made me sad and questioned about life. When I heard Adele, I feel that she is inspired by Amy’s style and she confirmed my feeling in the beginning of her performance. And the song is so touching. In my opinion, even inspired somehow by Amy, Adele keeps her own style which is so simple and so graceful. She is able to touch the heart of people just by her voice, that comes from her heart, definitely! 🙂


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