What is the most important in writing?

The most important thing when we write, it’s a freedom feeling. The feeling that you are able to express whatever you want in another language. So, every subtle feeling inside you can be translated into words.  It’s a sensation of liberty when you could put every single movement created in your head on paper, or on your laptop’s screen. Taking an example of “Exercises in Style” of Raymond Queneau, who told the same history in almost hundred different ways.

It’s a pleasure every time you want to share your inner thought with others. While you learn a language, you share the same power of that language with people. Each language in general and word, in particular, contain a lot of souvenirs that the speaking people put in. You can feel it if you pay attention to. Learning a language means you receive and contribute to this mass of souvenirs. In the same manner, using it means you assimilate and add to.

To finish this text, I copy a phrase that I saw today on the bag of a man on the road. There are three phrases but I forgot the fist one:


Be global.

Be open mind.”


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