About listening

I’ve seen some online conferences of the Gathering for Polyglots recently organised in Bratislava, Slovakia. I’m interested in this event a few years ago and have spent a severe time to watch videos and tapes of people. It was a very interesting event which gives an annual occasion to language lovers talking together about their adventures with many languages. This time, something about listening sound meaningful to me.

After Dr Stephan D Krashen, a lot of listening and reading are the most effective way to acquire languages. In other terms, increase the input all the time before taking care of output (speaking and writing). The polyglot Vladimir Skultety proposed also the intensive listening. That remind me of my brother who listened English in our childhood all the time. He even dreamed about the English because he listened to it too much and repeated it all the time too :). J.A.Hoge talked also about deep listening in his method of Effortless English.

So, obviously, we have to listen in two ways when we learn a language:

  • Listen all the time even without really paying attention to the content, which creates an environment of the language learned (radio, film, audiobooks, etc).
  • Listen intensively: That means you take time to concentrate only on listening to get the meaning, after focus on the structure, words, pronunciation then imitate and repeat until you master it completely

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