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What is the most important in writing?

The most important thing when we write, it’s a freedom feeling. The feeling that you are able to express whatever you want in another language. So, every subtle feeling inside you can be translated into words.  It’s a sensation of liberty when you could put every single movement created in your head on paper, or on your laptop’s screen. Taking an example of “Exercises in Style” of Raymond Queneau, who told the same history in almost hundred different ways.

It’s a pleasure every time you want to share your inner thought with others. While you learn a language, you share the same power of that language with people. Each language in general and word, in particular, contain a lot of souvenirs that the speaking people put in. You can feel it if you pay attention to. Learning a language means you receive and contribute to this mass of souvenirs. In the same manner, using it means you assimilate and add to.

To finish this text, I copy a phrase that I saw today on the bag of a man on the road. There are three phrases but I forgot the fist one:


Be global.

Be open mind.”



Writing makes me feel good. Whenever I have some thoughts which are not positive or some worrying, I just sit down in front of my computer and start to write something. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, almost immediately, it calms me down and I feel so much peaceful. Writing helps me more concentrate in putting my ideas on words rather than disperse on a lot of other nonsense things. Writing makes me feel so good. Nevertheless, the problem is I’m not good at writing in English. Writing a lot doesn’t mean giving many texts of quality 🙂 I just want to put my thinking on screen (in place of paper 🙂 and I don’t care so much that time for the form of English language to get fluently first. After, slowly, I’ll try to ameliorate the form and the structure of my writing, for sure! I hope that my writing will get better all the time. But skill takes time! and much works to master!

Briefly, mastering writing takes time, and it’s the matter of the future. I would like for now just enjoy my writing and… the weekend! ^ ^

Some words from IELTS

This time, I’m trying to prepare my IELTS’s exam. It’s not easy for me because the listening test demand catches up very detail things, not ideas. Generally speaking, in my opinion, listening is essential for getting main ideas, speaker’s point of view. I was surprised about the fact that all listening exam is about getting some precise words from the text, not about ideas or speaker’s attitude at all. In this point, I prefer TOEFL which seems to ask for synthetic ability. I can’t discuss other parts of the IELTS exam, like reading, writing, speaking in regards of TOEFL’s exam because I never go through none of them.

The revision time for this exam has made me think about a lot of things in my current life. Firstly, I didn’t work hard for an exam for a long time. Secondly, the topics of this exam cover many themes of life, so the candidate has to learn lots of things. After that, this time of learning makes me question about my education that I will give to my little daughter. Which highlight we will give her like education? How do we design her like when she still stay with us? What can we offer her to learn? It’s a big question. A child doesn’t have the limit. He like a page of paper all white, no any trace. It’s a big responsibility to put something on that. We’ll have to think about all that seriously!

We’ll have to think about all that seriously! Anyway, today is a weekend. It’s time to take a rest and relax. I listened tonight the song “Make you feel my love” by Adele which is a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

I’m not really interested in the world of music but I was marked before, long time ago, by a documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse because it’s a special talent and a tragic life too. It made me sad and questioned about life. When I heard Adele, I feel that she is inspired by Amy’s style and she confirmed my feeling in the beginning of her performance. And the song is so touching. In my opinion, even inspired somehow by Amy, Adele keeps her own style which is so simple and so graceful. She is able to touch the heart of people just by her voice, that comes from her heart, definitely! 🙂

“How children learn” – John Holt (1)

I read today an idea in this book that seems very meaningful to me: “… this book can be summed up in two words – Trust Children. (…) Difficult, because to trust children we must trust ourselves – (…) And so we go on treating children as we ourselves were treated, …”. It’s so true! The ability of children seems still a mystery for us, no one could be sure what and how children can do. So, we impose or invent a lot of limits, barriers that we have inside ourselves to children. We often hear about “mirror effect”, we want to see children doing things that we are able to do, not different. The very clear example can be found when we observe the relationship between daddy or mummy with their child. You often see the parent is willing to teach their child to do what they are able to master already and hope that their child can do one day better than them. That calls a better future for the future generation. 🙂

The interesting thing is what John Holt advises us: “What we have to do is break this long downward of fear and distrust, and trust children as we ourselves were not trusted. To do this will take a long leap of faith – but great rewards await any of us who will take that leap.” It demands a lot of courage of parent because that means the parent has to face their insecure, their fear first. I remember when I read the book: “The art of clear thinking” of Rudolf Flesch, who told two important points: every people see things from their own experiences and extract the idea from words. This first constant is so true, which makes me realise how I and others think, act, react in the base of own knowledge which is very limited.

Feel deeply

How deep do you feel about your learning in particular and about your language learning in particular? More It’s tranquility inside yourself, more it’s deeply the feeling. It’s a profound feeling in the interior of each one, who integrate into every emotional muscle like the water go deeply into the soil. The same with your language learning. If you enter in an intensive time of learning for a purpose, you will have this feeling, maybe not, it’s so I am. It’s a tranquillity feeling inside you, who make you understand that everything you do is not a matter of the outside, but it’s come from inside. The more you clever yourself,  the more you clean every interior burden, the better you will feel, the more satisfaction you will feel, even with nothing at all, or with a very little thing, apparently nonsense, but you will still feel happy or joyful with this. That means clever your motivation. Stop, and be with every single thought inside yourself, and think, feel about it in order to see how do you feel if you do something because of the outside or the inside of yourself? it’s from you or from other? it’s what you want or just for show off, for flatter your ego, etc It’s not a matter of the outside, it’s an inside thing!