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“How children learn” – John Holt (1)

I read today an idea in this book that seems very meaningful to me: “… this book can be summed up in two words – Trust Children. (…) Difficult, because to trust children we must trust ourselves – (…) And so we go on treating children as we ourselves were treated, …”. It’s so true! The ability of children seems still a mystery for us, no one could be sure what and how children can do. So, we impose or invent a lot of limits, barriers that we have inside ourselves to children. We often hear about “mirror effect”, we want to see children doing things that we are able to do, not different. The very clear example can be found when we observe the relationship between daddy or mummy with their child. You often see the parent is willing to teach their child to do what they are able to master already and hope that their child can do one day better than them. That calls a better future for the future generation. 🙂

The interesting thing is what John Holt advises us: “What we have to do is break this long downward of fear and distrust, and trust children as we ourselves were not trusted. To do this will take a long leap of faith – but great rewards await any of us who will take that leap.” It demands a lot of courage of parent because that means the parent has to face their insecure, their fear first. I remember when I read the book: “The art of clear thinking” of Rudolf Flesch, who told two important points: every people see things from their own experiences and extract the idea from words. This first constant is so true, which makes me realise how I and others think, act, react in the base of own knowledge which is very limited.