Swimming course

Today, I finished my short swimming course without going nowhere 🙂 It’s awesome but I felt really motivated to learn this sport who very benefits for health. For a long time ago, I learned the brass by myself, from the book and a little everywhere. From more than a week, I’ve relearned some technique than brass, freestyle, on the back, return, etc Sometimes, even rarely, I felt wonderful, I even forgot that I was in the water, there were just a blue colour and a little sound of the water, and a feeling very calm. Then suddenly, I felt like I woke up and the stress was there again because I was on the profound water without master “the water safe” technique. I even took my lovely little girl to the swimming pool to taste the water feeling.

However, I will maybe restart in the other day in the future because I don’t feel comfortable in a place where there are so many people. I feel always stress and I don’t want to stay long in these places like that. Per half, I will master the swim technique one day. For now, I still prefer some exercises on the ground that make me feel better and I can do it every time and almost everywhere I want without any difficulty. 🙂

For now, I understand that the most and basic techniques to learn in the beginning are breath and float. It’s important to feel familiar in the water without panic.

Here are some links about swimming that I found last week:

Some books at mediatheque (in french language):




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