Feeling lost! so many resources…

I’m lost, completely lost! I feel going around on the circles in the middle of an amount of resources, even online and… free of course 🙂 So many links, so many “best tips and resources”. I don’t know what to learn, how to do anymore. …

Some words to tell you that sometimes, you can feel a kind of exhaustive when you have a lot of things to learn. This is my actual situation while I want to pass the IELTS exam. Basically, I planned to do it in about 2-3 months, by September more exactly. That means I have about more or less 10 weeks to revision. Like you already know, each exam have his proper rules. The English language is like an ocean of knowledge, nobody can embrace the whole see.  Every exam has some rules that the candidate has to follow in order to get the high score. The problem is when I search Google to find out some resources about the IELTS exam, there are too many, a lot, a lot! And I feel simply… lost! What to do?

In the middle of all these sources, that makes me think about the people in the past, who had to struggle in order to find some books in other languages, some foreign newspapers, who passed so much time in face of a very thick dictionary to find the sense of some new words, …

Nowadays, it’s different. We have a lot of chances because all resources are there, on the Internet, but… we don’t have more time to read them. :-/ Mastering something takes time and it demands the concentration. It’s not easy when you have always somethings new to read …



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