Modelling the maintain of languages

Becoming polyglot, it’s hard, but staying it, it’s harder. How a polyglot maintain his level in every language?

The first video that I saw about this topic is of Robin MacPherson. His video sounded meaningful for me because I always asked myself how to not forget a language learned. In his video, he explained his 4 approaches to maintaining the level. In other words, he tried to find down some models to do it.

After that, I read the website of Dr Alexander Arguelles, and he explained: “The practice of Polyliteracy requires many hours of systematic hard study every single day of your life.  Keeping a chart to record your division of hours is essential to balancing your progress. ” He showed also his sample systematic study chart.

Many others explained their own way to maintain their level too, but until this moment, it doesn’t seem very clear and no one is able to figure out exactly how it works. They just tried by their proper way to practice one of them each time in the day in order to do not forget the languages.



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